Kiss Rommeille kultaa ja hopeaa Las Vegas Global Spirits Awardseissa. Saatavilla VG valikoimasta

Kiss Rum Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards

Living up to the band’s legendary status, KISS Rum Kollection has been crowned with Gold and Silver medals at the recent Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards.

A favourite in the so called ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’, KISS are no strangers to adoration from Vegas – and now the recently launched KISS Rum Kollection stands centre stage after taking home two awards for quality.

In October 2020, KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum launched with flying colours. In its first month, the drink became the fastest-selling spirits product in Systembolaget’s order assortment since the new evaluation model was introduced. Immediately a fan-favourite, due to its unique label design and homage to the original costumes and makeup, KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum will surely now also grab the attention of rum aficionados with its Silver medal win.

Following this success, KISS Detroit Rock Rum rocked onto the scene in November 2020, captivating fans and connoisseurs alike due to a perfect combination of artistry in both design and master blending. The rum had already won the attention of Systembolaget, receiving a secured volume listing due to the high quality liquid. Now, KISS Detroit Rock Rum adds another accolade of a Gold medal win from the judges in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards are held annually at the end of each year in Las Vegas. The competition’s assessment process is 100% blind testing, meaning that no one on the jury sees the bottles or knows which product is in their glass – the competition focuses entirely on the quality of the liquid. In the latest edition of the competition, 750 spirits products in different categories participated.

“We could not have started the year in a better way. Our products received international recognition, and blind tests are very important to demonstrate the high product quality for which we strive. The result speaks for itself and we keep our promises. At the beginning of 2020, we set the strategy to participate in international competitions, and having both products from KISS awarded in their first competitons is fantastic. These awards are an important tool for opening up new channels abroad and attracting rum consumers outside the KISS fan base,” Filip Lundquist, CEO of Umida Group AB (publ) comments.