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Vingruppen consists of five importers - Social Wines, Vinunic, Wineworld, Wennerco and Vinum

Vingruppen Finland is an alliance of five distinctive wine importing companies, Social Wines, Vinum Import, Vinunic, Wennerco and Wine World. Each one possessing its own unique identity and operational approach. This dynamic group is united by a common ambition: to deliver a carefully curated selection of appealing and commercially viable wine brands to both Finnish consumers and the restaurant sector.

The constituent companies of Vingruppen Finland are famous for their expertise and individualized character, which together forms a robust portfolio that caters to various tastes and market segments. This collaborative model not only allows for a broad and diverse range of products but also ensures that each company can offer specialized knowledge and tailored services to their clientele. With an enduring commitment to quality, innovation, and consumer satisfaction, Vingruppen Finland stands as a leader in the Finnish wine market, consistently striving to enhance the wine-drinking experience by introducing the most intriguing selections from around the globe. Whether it’s for casual enjoyment or fine dining, Vingruppen Finland aims to be the preferred choice for anyone seeking to explore the vast world of wines.

Vingruppen Finland Companies

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